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The purity of the ocean straight to your spoon

Nutritious wild-caught fish liver oil delivered fresh from the ocean

At Rosita Real Foods, we sustainably source wild cod and ratfish from the remote coast of Northern Norway to deliver the purest fish liver oil in the world. Our life’s work is to support the healing and health of families around the world with the rich and unique nutrients in our fresh, raw fish liver oils. We’re committed to contributing to a healthier future for both people and the planet, working as closely as we can to nature. This means that our oils are wild-caught, and crafted using an ancient, natural method that requires no damaging heat or machinery. This ensures they have an exceptionally rich nutrient profile, and that the delicate fatty acids and naturally-occuring vitamins remain robust and intact. So you get the rawest nutrients possible, as pure and authentic as it was for our Nordic ancestors hundreds of years ago.

The highest quality, health-giving
products nature has to offer

As nature Intended

Fresh Wild Raw
Sustainable and humane practices

We love our planet, and choose to use the most sustainable fishing and production methods we can.

We work with intention, and lead the industry in humane and sustainable wild-caught fishing practices to protect the population according to Norwegian quotas.

Total transparency, always

We fiercely believe you have the right to know exactly where your product came from. From the sea to your spoon, every single action we take and message we communicate to you is done with complete transparency, and we’ll always provide you with a front-row seat to our test results production process and full ingredients list.

The purest, freshest fish oil

Our skilled fishermen use a gentle process without machines or heat to extract the oil by hand, and we independently test all of our products for purity and nutrient levels.

This ensures you get the purest oil with an exceptionally high nutritional value.

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An ancient tradition

The Rosita family comes from a long line of Norwegian fishermen who would set to sea in small open rowing boats to hand-catch fresh cod and ratfish.

Back then, they called the nutritious liver oil “gold of the ocean”, and used a gentle machine-less extraction method to release the raw oil from the livers — the same method we use today. We started out producing small amounts of cod liver oil to boost our health during the freezing Norwegian winters, and used to dip delicious salt cod into our fresh cod liver oil, just as our ancestors did. Our virgin cod liver oil started to make waves on our little island of Dønna, and, before long, word spread and demand grew. So we decided to share our nutritious oils with the wider world, and Rosita was born.

Born in the remote areas of northern Norway, the Rosita family started with husband-wife duo Bengt Svensson and Kari Hanne Nyland at the visionary helm. Our two in-house research scientists Dr. Pieris Nicola, Ph.D. and wife Dr. Shanshan Wang steer the way when it comes to the latest science.

In 2014, the Rosita family expanded into the United States, followed by further expansion to the UK, Europe, EMEA and Austrasia. Our many years in the industry have provided us with the expertise to produce the freshest fish oils, authentically and consciously, by caring for our animals, the sea and our fishermen.

Nature creates everything through balance and harmony, and at Rosita, we’re passionate about inspiring connection with our community and environment. Which is why our fish oils are made on the little island of Dønna, where we live today. We feel the energy that the water holds, giving life, health, and consciousness to those living on the land, and are fiercely proud about maintaining this harmonious balance between the earth and our oceans. Nature creates everything through balance and harmony. This is the most important thing you see when you come to Rosita. It’s all about sustainable living.”

— Bengt Svensson, Rosita founder

Gentle machineless extraction method

We’re meticulous about our extraction process, and use an ancient tradition passed down through generations of Norwegian fisherman to prepare our cod liver oils. Our flagship product, Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil, is derived from fresh livers of codfish in the pristine Norwegian fjords — the very same species the Nordic Vikings used. Our skilled fishermen carefully select only the healthiest livers, looking for the perfect appearance, weight and colour. This extra virgin cod liver oil is almost impossible to achieve with the standard process used by major brands (where heavy refining strips the oils of most of their nutrients). So we devote particular attention to gentle extraction, opting for small batches, and harvesting the fresh fish livers by hand rather than importing them. This gives us complete control over every stage of production, from line-catching the wild codfish to choosing the most beautiful livers, capturing the oil and bottling.